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Age: 11 years  


  Gender: Male

Special Needs: Yes 


  Good w/ Kids: ?

Spayed/Neutered: Yes


  Good w/ Dogs: Yes

Housebroken: Yes 


  Good w/ Cats: ?

About Me:

UPDATE 2/23/2014: MOE PASSED PEACEFULLY TO THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN MY ARMS. MOE WOULD NO LONGER EAT,  HIS BLADDER TUMOR HAD GROWN SO LARGE IF FILLED HIS ENTIRE BLADDER, I COULD TELL BY THE LOOK IN HIS EYES IT WAS TIME. WHILE THIS OLD GUY WAS DUMPED LIKE GARBAGE AT THE DOG POUND, HE WAS LOVED BY MYSELF AND I THINK I MADE THE LAST TWO YEARS OF HIS LIFE HAPPY. THANKS TO THE GENEROSITY OF SEVERAL DONORS WE WERE ABLE TO HAVE MOE CREMATED SO HE COULD COME BACK TO ME AND THE HOME WHERE HE WAS LOVED. LARRY MISSES HIS FRIEND AND WHEN LARRY PASSES THE TWO WILL BE PLACED TOGETHER IN THE SAME URN. RIP LITTLE GUY, YOU ARE MISSED AND YOU WERE LOVED. 11/2013: Moe has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his bladder and has limited time left. We have started medication that may help shrink the tumor and make it more comfortable for him for the time being. We will continue to love and spoil Moe as long as he has a quality of life at which time we will let him goMoe has had a second dental cleaning and we pulled a few more teeth but his mouth is good for  now. At this time Moe is only on thyroid replacement pills twice a day and he is doing fantastic. Bloodwork ran at the last dental show almost normal levels in kidneys and liver which is great! We would love to place Moe in a foster home where he can remain for the rest of his life. LVDDR will pay for all food, medications and veterinary care for the rest of his life. We just feel this wonderful boy deserves to be spoiled and loved for the remainder of his days. Please contact Brenda at 596-9293 if you would like to foster Moe.  Moe has had a dental cleaning, several teeth were pulled but he still needs at least 4 more pulled possibly in the future depending on his health. We have run several blood panels on Moe, he is on thyroid replacement now but that is the least of his troubles. Moe has elevated liver enzymes as well as kidney enzymes and he is  now on a multitude of supplements to help keep his liver and kidneys happy. Moe also came down with hepatitis which in dogs is more of an autoimmune disorder which caused him to be extremely sick, he was hospitalized for several days. We are now trying to just keep the hepatitis at bay by using steroids which seems to be working for now. At this point Mr.Moe is going to stay with us receiving hospice care for as long as we can keep him happy (which at this time he is, very happy). Our veterinarian does believe Moe has cushings desease however he is not drinking/urinating excessively so we are not going to bother diagnosing/treating at this time. Our main goal is to keep Moe happy for as long as the good lord wishes him to remain here with us. PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO HELP US CONTINUE TO CARE FOR MOE AND PROVIDE HIS SUPPLEMENTS AND MEDICATION.   Say hello to Moe. This beautiful boy ended up at a local high kill shelter and rescue was called to pull him and we were happy we did. This sweet boy was dumped at the shelter along with his two buddies, Larry and Curly and were destined to be put to sleep if we hadn't stepped up to take them in. All three doxies were severely neglected and obese but Moe is the one with the most medical needs. Moe needs to have a senior bloodworkup done with a urinalysis, he needs his teeth cleaned (he will probably need extractions) and he also needs to have diagnostics done to determine if he has cushings disease (his droopy belly is classic of the disease). We estimate we will need over $1000.00 for all the necessary testing in order to get Moe in tip top shape and ready to be adopted.  Moe is a happy boy in spite of all that ails him and he never complains.   If you would like to meet Moe please complete an adoption application by clicking here then call Brenda at 256-0862 to arrange a meeting and for more information.



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