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Max needs a sponsor,can you help him?

Age: 10-12 years old  


  Gender: Male

Special Needs: Yes 


  Good w/ Kids: ?  Don't know

Spayed/Neutered: Yes


  Good w/ Dogs: Yes

Housebroken: Semi 


  Good w/ Cats: ?  Don't know

About Me:

Meet Max. Max is a mini (9.6lbs) senior Dachshund who was confiscated by animal control and didn't end up back with his owner.  Poor Max has horrible allergies that he has had all his life but they have never been treated, they are chronic. The shelter did a wonderful job of giving him the newest ear and allergy meds as well as medicated baths and he is doing much better. Max will have allergies his whole life but they can certainly be managed.  

Max had never been neutered nor had his teeth cleaned, he has since been neutered but we are trying to raise money to have his teeth cleaned. Otherwise Max is a wonderful little guy, great with other dogs (although he thinks he's a lady's man and loves the girls most since he has been intact his whole life). Max may need to wear a belly band to avoid him marking in the house which is an easy fix. Max is a chill little old man who needs a soft place to land.

If you are interested in Max please contact Brenda at 702-596-9293 for more info.


Would you like to become a Sponsor? Click Here for more information.