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Larry went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge on 6/2/15


Age: 13 years 


  Gender: Male

Special Needs: No 


  Good w/ Kids: ?

Spayed/Neutered: Yes


  Good w/ Dogs: Yes

Housebroken: Yes


  Good w/ Cats: Yes

About Me:

UPDATE 4/26/14: LARRY HAS GONE INTO A FOSTER HOME WHERE HE WILL REMAIN UNTIL HE IS ADOPTED. PRIOR TO LARRY GOING TO HIS  FOSTER HOME WE PERFORMED A DENTAL CLEANING (HIS THIRD SINCE COMING INTO RESCUE), WE RAN A COMPLETE BLOOD PANEL INCLUDING THYROID AND URINALYSIS. EVERYTHING WAS COMPLETELY NORMAL. WE ALSO HAD THE VETERINARIAN DO AN ULTRASOUND OF LARRY'S ENTIRE ABDOMEN TO CHECK FOR TUMORS OR ABNORMALITIES AND IT WAS PRETTY NORMAL. THERE IS A SMALL TUMOR ON HIS SPLEEN BUT IT SHOULD NOT CAUSE ANY PROBLEMS IN THE NEAR FUTURE. LARRY DOES HAVE A RIGHT SIDE HEART MURMUR, ABOUT A GRADE 3, BUT HE SHOWS NO SYMPTOMS OF HEART PROBLEMS SO WE ARE LEAVING IT BE FOR NOW. LARRY HAS DEVELOPED SEVERE CATARACTS AND IS PRETTY MUCH BLIND BE HE GETS AROUND OK.  Meet Larry. Larry is one of three senior Dachshunds that was rescued by LVDDR from a local high kill shelter. This boy is a standard doxie, he weighed 30lbs when he came into rescue but we have placed him on a diet and can already see a new slimmer boy coming through, along with more energy because he feels better. Larry was neglected previously as were the two doxies he came in with in that his teeth are horrible, he needs a dental badly. We need to run senior bloodwork  before we do a dental cleaning and Larry also has a small lump we need to have removed while he is under anesthesia. Once we have all of his medical needs taken care of Larry will be ready to go into a new forever home where he can enjoy his golden years.  If you are interested in meeting Larry please complete an adoption application  by  clicking here and than call Brenda at 256-0862.