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Gone but not forgotten...

8/28/1999 - 3/21/2009

My beautiful girl went to the rainbow bridge today and I miss her more than words can say, my heart is broken. Autumn was everything good that a Doberman should be. My girl was loyal, patient and would have given her life to protect me and her family. Autumn had been a registered therapy dog at one time in her life, she visited sick patients at nursing homes and at UMC hospital. Autumn shared her home with all of my foster dogs and never complained, she understood they needed my help. Your pain is gone now, your burden lifted. rest in peace Autumn, I will never forget you.



Zoe and Faye

May was a rough month for our dear friends and Phil & Becky Gang. They lost their precious Zoe after nine wonderful years and a long battle with Degenerative Myelopathy. As a puppy Zoe had been in training as a guide dog for the blind but washed from the program due to allergies. Becky and Phil never let a physical challenge stand in the way of adoption and took her as their own at eleven weeks of age. 

Just one week later they lost their 12 year old Doberman, Faye, an ambassador for her breed when she received an award from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce for her work as a Therapy Dog at Nathan Adelson Hospice. Their friend Karen Buck made a donation to LVDDR in this special girl's memory

Our thoughts are with you dear friends




Hurricane lived his life, nine full years, outside in a dirt lot. Having never been socialized, he trembled whenever people came around. Hurricane's owner was putting his home up for sale, he had already moved out with his other dog, he left Hurricane behind. Volunteer Phil and Becky Gang went to meet Hurricane and couldn't bear to leave him so they loaded him up and took him to the vet for a thorough check up and blood work. The bloodwork came back great and he appeared to be in excellent health although he was so scared, he stayed curled up in a ball in the corner trembling. Monday morning when the staff arrived at the animal hospital, Hurricane had died in his sleep. The vet feels he may have had a heart attack due to the stress of the move. Please remember Hurricane, he has gone onto his forever home.





Sweet Kaleb has gone on to wait at the rainbow bridge for his loved ones. We pulled Kaleb from the Lied animal shelter in hopes of rehabilitating him but unfortunately he was too old and weak. What a sweet, gentleman of a Doberman he was during his stay here, I wish we could have helped him more. In the end, we helped to end his discomfort and sent him peacefully on his way. We will miss you old boy.




Dear Redford, I miss you so much. You were one tough little doxie and in the end you went through so much. I hope you will find Autumn and Rain and Missy to wait with you at the rainbow bridge. Good bye old boy, till we meet again.



This is in Loving/Living Memory of my beautiful Red Boy Hunter what a
beautiful Dobe he was.  I lost him August 3 2009 to bone cancer
and pericardia effusion, he was 8yrs old.  Hunter was the most gentle
Dobe he did not realize what he was, he slept with me, he sat on my
lap while I watched TV until I could not breathe any longer.  He was
VELCRO to the max.  Even when he took a treat from you he would
wrap his lips around so his teeth never touched your hand. He was
like a child to me and he knew it, but he also knew I was the Alpha
and he didn't care he was eager to please and so so gentle. People
would say he is one of the most gentle dogs I have ever seen.  He liked
everyone and everything.  I am sure though if needed he would go into
action. This is the month I brought him home a little pup, I had him
wrapped up in a baby blanket and I carried him around until I could
not carry him any longer.  I have pictures of him but I have put
all of his things away.  I had bought a painting from the artist
Pam Tanzey called Jakey and that is exactly what Hunter looked
like, I have also put that away.  When I had to put him to sleep
he took part of me with him, I loved him so but I did not want
him to suffer. 

"MY BOUNTY HUNTER" his registered name, will be in my heart forever
I know he is in heaven that's the only place he could be.

I believe in the prayer Footprints in the Sand,  he has carried me


Greetings to all of you:


As many of you know, my sweet Kaya was recently called and accepted  at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Attached is a photograph that was taken in December which lead me to believe that God was in the process of calling her to the Rainbow Bridge.  When I took the photograph,  it did not look the way it eventually was processed.  When I viewed the photo,  it looked as though Kaya was seeing and walking toward the light of  heaven. I had such a sinking feeling knowing that Kaya’s days were most likely numbered.  

God was so good to  me by giving me an additional year and a half with her from the time we were attacked at the dog park.  From that attack, Kaya eventually became extremely painful in her hips.  She was put to sleep because she could no longer stand up and walk, although she was very alert, eating and still concerned to continue her guardianship  of me and our home. 

Kaya was the “Cadillac” of dogs. She was loyal, protective, loving, kind, athletic, beautiful, sensitive, and most of all a true friend to me.  I can say she was an A+ dog.  During the time I had the pleasure to share my life with her, Kaya never did one bad thing, no, not one.  My heart will always grieve for her and I know we, as animal owners, should not have favorites, but  I can’t lie, Kaya will always be my favorite. 

The night before putting her to sleep, I prayed to God that He would help me follow through on what I knew I had to do and give me the strength to do it.  I wasn’t sure if I could load her into my van, have my veterinarian put her to sleep in my van, drive her to the crematorium and then place her in the burner.  But I knew that I owed her a proper final goodbye and that I needed to stay by her side to the very end since she had always been by my side not matter what the circumstance.


I prayed and searched for a scripture that would  help ease my pain and located Isaiah 41:10: 

·         Fear not, for I am with you

·         Be not dismayed for I am your God

·         I will strengthen you,

·         Yes, I will help you

·         I will uphold you with My righteous right hand 

I kept repeating God’s promises over and over and eventually memorized them the night before putting her to sleep.  In the morning when I left my home  for the final time with my sweet Kaya, I can tell you that everything was perfectly peaceful and everything went as well as it could.  In the evening when I reflected back on the day, I was thankful to God that He was there with me very step of the way. 

I thank all of you for allowing me to share my beautiful Kaya with all of you!   















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