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 Dachshund Info

Frankie the Dachshund

Dachshunds were originally bred for hunting under the ground, especially on foxes and badgers. Because these animals are bigger than the dachshund itself, the dachshund must (if he wants to survive when it comes to a confrontation) have at its disposal a brave and independent character. After all the hunter is not able to help him when he is under the ground and out of sight.

Temperament & Character
These days the dachshunds still have these character qualities. Therefore one should not expect exceptional obedience form this breed. But it is possible to train a dachshund to be obedient, only is takes a little bit longer and one has to stay very consistent. Dachshunds like to be the boss; give them an inch and they will take a mile.

A dachshund is lively and affectionate, proud and bold. Dachshunds are also curious, mischievous, very clever and may attempt to train the owner rather than allow the opposite. The dachshund is a cheerful dog and well into their senior years are very playful. They are also very watchful, like to bark (their barks are surprisingly loud for their size) and are compulsive diggers.

Dachshunds are excellent housedogs, they like to be part of a family and are VERY devoted, loyal pets. They are best with older, considerate children. Sometimes they will refuse to be handled and all children should be taught the warning signs of a dog. Dachshunds are good dogs to travel with. They are generally okay with other pets, however, they can be jealous, irritable, and very quick to bite (if necessary). Against other dogs in the household they are usually dominant.

General Appearance
Dachshunds are low to the ground, long in body and short of leg. They have robust muscular development and their skin is elastic and pliable without excessive wrinkling. The Dachshund is well-balanced with bold and confident head carriage and intelligent, alert facial expression. Their hunting spirit, good nose, loud tongue and distinctive build make them well-suited for beating the bushes and clearing your yard of any varmints. As the Dachshund is a hunting dog, scars from honorable (and dishonorable) wounds are a common occurrence, especially in rescued dachshunds that were found stray.

The Dachshund is bred and shown in two sizes, standard and miniature, miniatures are not a separate classification but compete in a class division for "11 pounds and under at 12 months of age and older." Weight of the standard size is usually between 16 and 32 pounds. Dachshunds between 12 lbs and 16 lbs are affectionately called "tweenies" in rescue organizations.

The dachshund is also bred and shown in three coat types: smooth, wire and long hair. The most original dachshund is the SMOOTH-HAIRED dachshund. Therefore these dogs have the most characteristic qualities of all dachshunds. Usually they are wary of strangers and very devoted to their boss. They can follow the boss through the house all day. The WIRE-HAIRED dachshund arose by breeding smooth-haired dachshunds with different kind of terriers. That is why you find many dachshunds in this breed with a lot of hunting passion. Often they are more fierce in character being very outgoing and almost clown-like. The LONG-HAIRED dachshund arose from the breeding of the smooth-haired dachshund and the Spaniel and the Irish Setter. In general these dogs are more kind-hearted and react more friendly to strangers.

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