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The first two pictures are Athena now at age 12 1/2 years old, the third picture is when she was 4 years old and first came into rescue in 2010
Athena is not seeking a new home, she is staying with LVDDR in hospice until she crosses to the rainbow bridge. Athena is currently taking several different medications and supplements to help with her urinary incontinence and arthritis so we are selling off items that have been donated to us to help raise funds for Athena. If you see something you would like to buy please contact Brenda by phone or text at 702-596-9293 or email at    I will remove items once they are sold so if its still posted here, it's still available.  We are just asking for a reasonable donation. **Photos coming soon of items for sale**    Also we would be greatly appreciative of any donations of medications you are no longer using/needing such as joint supplements, urinary incontinence meds, doggie diapers,  CBD oil, senior dog food (we are currently feeding her purina bright minds) but will accept any senior dog food for her. Click on this link to get to the auction page.

Age: 12.5 years Old


  Gender: Female

Special Needs: Yes


  Good w/ Kids:Yes

Spayed/Neutered: Yes


  Good w/ Dogs: Yes

Housebroken: Yes 


  Good w/ Cats: Yes

About Me:

Athena came into rescue originally in January of 2010 with her sister Bella at the age of 4 years old, her owner who had owned them since buying them as puppies was moving and they couldn't come. Bella was very dominant and Athena very passive and submissive so we needed to split them up. Athena was adopted first by an active family in Tucson Arizona, they wanted a family pet as well as a running partner for the husband. Well it turned out Athena was more of a couch potato type dog and the family sadly returned her. Next Athena was adopted by a nice local woman named Helen who lived alone, her husband having passed a few years prior and Helen was looking for a couch potato type companion so it was a perfect match. Helen and Brenda/LVDDR stayed in contact, talking and visiting often, Brenda who does pet sitting watched Athena every year over the Christmas holidays for three weeks while Helen went back to spend time with her brother in Minnesota. Well sadly Helen recently  passed away unexpectedly and poor Athena ended up  in the Boulder City animal shelter (she was taken there when Helen was found unconscious and went to the hospital). Athena was in the shelter for sometime until Helen passed away. The day Helen passed away LVDDR received a phone call from Helens brother giving the bad news and asking what should become of Athena. We were shocked and deeply saddened that Athena had spend so much time in the shelter, why didn't someone call us sooner, Helen trusted us and would have wanted Athena to come stay with Brenda because she she felt safe and loved there and Helen trusted Brenda to care for Athena. We immediately picked Athena up from the shelter (with the help of some very dedicated volunteers), she was very depressed but also very happy to be out of the shelter and in a familiar safe place. Athena is doing great, she is in great condition for her age and a very happy girl.  Athena has severe urinary incontinence and Helen had never been able to get it under control but we have Athena on two different meds that seem to be keeping her dry. Athena also has arthritis and walks/gets up slowly so we have her on cosequin, CBD oil and Rimadyl as needed. LVDDR/Brenda will be keeping Athena for the rest of her life as she is happy and comfortable here. We are hoping to get donations to help with the costs of  the meds/bloodwork/food/vet care which are tax deductable and greatly appreciated. We are also selling off donated items to help cover her costs. We will be posting pictures soon so please check back.