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Adoption Fee Explained

Why Arenít Rescue Dogs Free?

Some people think that, since they are willing to take a homeless dog off our hands, we should give them the dog without an adoption fee.

Well, that would be nice, and in a perfect world, it would be possible. But vet care for our rescue dogs costs money, which we must recover, at least in part, in order to go on rescuing. Each dog must have a physical examination, receive any required vaccinations (for rabies, parvo virus, etc.) and be spayed or neutered and receive a microchip at the very least. The rescue pays for these procedures out of his or her own pocket.

Other factors in adoption fees are, age and health of the dog. All other moneys go into a fund, which helps pay the medical bills for dogs that require unusually expensive care -- bills that an adoption fee could not cover.

Please keep this fact in mind: The adoption fee for a rescue Dachshund or Doberman is usually somewhere between $150 and $1500. The going rate for a puppy at a pet store-a puppy that, in all likelihood came from a puppy mill-is between $900. and $2000. After buying the puppy you will need to pay for the remainder of puppy vaccines (up to $100.00 per visit X 2-3), spay/neuter ( cost depending where you go $250-$600 ), and microchip ( $25-$50.00). Please keep that in mind when asking about adoption fees.



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